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A tree is a marvelous thing to have near you and around you. They help us deal with a number of issues like water management, air purification, a home for wild life and more. However, sometimes they can get in the way of our life and become a risk to buildings and people. This is where we can help out. Our surgeons are amongst some of the most experienced in the country – meaning you can rest assured you are getting the best service possible in Meath.

We have a long list of services meaning you will get the exact help that your tree needs whether that is a complete removal, fungal prevention or emergency tree services. Our experts are ready and waiting for your call so just contact us and we will be there.

Your Go To For Tree Pruning in Meath

Tree pruning is a job that no matter what type of tree it is, will have to be done. It is what most people want done, just cutting the tree back and shaping it instead of removing the tree entirely. This is usually the best choice for a tree that has grown a bit out of control as it means you can still enjoy the majesty of the tree while also letting more sun into your home.

Pruning is the most common task we have in county Meath. Whether it is shaping the tree to be more aesthetically appealing, removing dead or dying limbs or just to let more light in we can do it. Pruning encourages growth, bringing new life to the tree. If it is a fruit tree, pruning is a must to enhance this new growth for fruit to come in for the new season. It is a highly skilled job to do correctly and we are the right choice for the job.

Your Best Stump Grinding Company in Meath

Cutting down a tree is not just as simple as breaking out a chainsaw and removing it. One a tree has been removed, you will be left with the stump in place. For some this is not an issue however they can cause issues if left untreated. Damage to lawn maintenance equipment is common. They can sometimes breakdown by themselves but this process can take a very long time and leave an eyesore in the middle of your property. If a stump starts to have new sprouts around it, this can only exacerbate the issue and drive up costs for you.

This is where we come in. Out stump grinding services are a very popular solution to this problem. It has a minimal impact on the land around it meaning that your garden will remain intact. Unlike traditional stump removal, your garden will not be left with a large hole in the middle of it.

Our Exceptional Hedge Trimming in Meath

Put a bit of shape on to your garden with our hedge trimming services. Our experts are can complete this task however you want and give you the best results possible. Hedge trimming can really tidy up the look of a property and help the eye focus in on the features of a property.

Whether you want the job done to an expert standard or just want to avoid the hassle of trimming hedges and bushes then we are here for you. We recommend that once the first trim has been done that we establish a maintenance plan. This lets us not only keep your garden looking amazing all year round but also means that the work is easier for everyone involved. On top of this, it is a great way to encourage new and healthy growth amongst your hedges and bushes.

Get in touch with us today for all of your hedge and bush trimming needs in county Meath!

Meath’s Number One Choice For Tree Removal

Removing trees is a highly specialised task if you want to complete it correctly. To do the job correctly and in a safe way takes years of practice and a slow, methodical approach. Doing it yourself without the correct knowledge and tools could like to severe injury or damage to property. This is why we recommend using a specialist to do it for you.

Using our modern equipment and specialist skills, we can bring down one area of trees at a time. We dissect the trees into smaller chunks making it easier and safer for the work to be done.

There are plenty of reasons to need a tree removed from your property. It may be at risk of falling, riddled with fungus or in the way of a view or building. A professional tree surgeon can get this done for you. We can remove small or large trees with ease