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Tree Services in Meath

Tree Removal

Our expert team can quickly, safely and cleanly remove any trees of all shapes and sizes that are in your way. We can ensure the tree is removed in a controlled and safe way, with minimal fuss for you.

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Tree Pruning

To keep a tree healthy it needs to be pruned. This is where our expertise comes into play. We can quickly and efficiently remove any unhealthy branches from the tree to encourage new growth and keep the tree healthy and happy.

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Stump Grinding

If you have felled a tree, you will notice that you are left with the stump of it still in the ground. These can be dangerous, unsightly and can cause issues due to rot. Our team can get it removed for you leaving the area safe, tidy and clear of any potential issues.

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Tree Surgeon

Here at Tree Surgeon Meath we pride ourselves on our impeccable track record when it comes to tree surgery in Meath. Whether it is a big or a small job our team will be on hand with competitive rates to get the job done.

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Hedge Trimming

Keep your hedges in line with our hedge trimming services. Whether it is just a routine trim or an overgrown garden, we can help you get it back to how you want it. Our team will work with you to get you the results you want!

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Want to give your outdoor space a bit of a makeover? We can help! We can work to your budget to create a space that will delight you to be in and become your oasis in today’s hectic world and lifestyle. Contact us today to start your transformation.

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Fully Insured Tree Services in Meath

With nearly 20 years of experience behind us, we are more than capable of any task that you can throw at us. Our tree surgeons pride themselves on their ability to complete a job in a timely, safe and professional way. All you have to do is contact us and let us get to work at what we do best.

As a local company you can rest assured we are there when you need us – whether that is for an emergency tree removal or a site clearance we have you covered. Each job is unique and requires a different approach. Our expert tree surgeons are sure to get you sorted and on the road to a success with ease.